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Monday, August 17, 2015

Bible Journaling 101

Are you a Bible Journaler?
Are you a doodler?
Do you take notes in church?
If you answered yes, to any of these questions,
you either might be a Bible Journaler without knowing it
OR you may discover (like me)
how Bible Journaling just may be one of the
greatest tools that will ever help grow
your faith and Bible knowledge
as well as deepen your walk with the Lord.

And if you answered "no" to any of the above questions,
but simply have a desire to broaden or perk up the way you
this class may be for you!

Join me...
7:00pm - 8:30pm
at Coffee Crossing in New Albany
10:00am - 11:30am
at ChickfilA in Clarksville


so that I know how many people to expect
and how many seats to reserve.
Knowing how many people to expect
will also help me in prepping
your FREE Doodler's Packets.

Please feel free to bring your friends
(even if they did not have time to RSVP).


If you bring anything at all,
let it be only your sweet smile :)
Honest, there are no supplies needed for this
Bible Journaling 101 Class.
You may like to bring pen and paper to take notes
but your FREE Doodler's Pack
comes with a note pad and pencil so
that you can pack as light and easy as possible.
You don't even have to bring your Bible
(unless you just really want to.)

You can read HERE about some of the
things to be covered in discussion.

And please be aware of the following...

By leading this Bible Journaling 101 Class,
I have chosen to answer a call
to share what I know about

I am NOT a scholar on Scripture.
I study the Scriptures and I share what I have studied.
I share what I know to be true as far as
it has been pressed upon my heart
by the Holy Spirit.

I am a sinner, saved by the Grace of Jesus Christ,
who is simply allowing herself to be used to
encourage YOU to know Him more through
the ART of Bible Journaling.

At this Bible Journaling 101 Class
and any future Bible Journaling gatherings,
we will NOT discuss the matters of religion.
As the leader of this class and these gatherings,
I plan to share tips and techniques
which focus on the ART of Bible Journaling.
From time to time, I may offer a "prompt"
to encourage your thinking process
so that your Bible Journaling journey is one
that will be focused on your relationship with
the Lord Jesus Christ.
I believe Salvation comes only through Him.
The process of Salvation is one
that I sweetly welcome private discussion with me
(or with someone you know and trust OUTSIDE of gatherings)
but it will NOT be up for debate
during this Bible Journaling 101 Class
or any future Bible Journaling gatherings.

I am so excited
(and nervous... the good kind, I suppose)
to share what the Lord has placed upon my heart!

Never stop learning!
I live and breath by this motto...
regardless of what it pertains to...
never stop learning.

Scripture explains it like this...

"He will be the sure foundation
for your times,
a rich store of salvation
and wisdom and knowledge;
the fear of the LORD
is the key to this treasure."
Isaiah 33:6

"The fear of the LORD
is the beginning of wisdom, 
and knowledge of 
the Holy One is understanding."
Proverbs 9:10

How can we KNOW if we don't INVESTIGATE
and LEARN all that we can?!

Come learn alongside me and
together, we will GROW
in wisdom, and knowledge, and understanding.

See ya soon!

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