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Friday, August 14, 2015

You're Such a NERD!

Hehehe... this card totally cracks me up!
My daughter has some of the most amazing friends.
And I feel so blessed because she has them!

I love how she shares a friendship with them where
just about anything can be said and
none of them would be easily offended.
I tend to try and joke with people and they take me
WAY too seriously which then causes them
to completely misunderstand me.
My daughter's friends joke with one another
and sometimes say things that might
cause those "looking in" to think they're being offensive.
On the contrary... they are actually being
COMPLEMENTARY of one another.
I love it... and it totally cracks me up!

And that is why I LOVE this card!
I could have been a bit more "fancy" with it
but my daughter usually says,
"Hey Mum, I need a card... here are the images...
how quick can you make it for me?!"
(sigh... I love that girl so much!)
But to be quite honest, the images are so fantastic
that I think if the card were any "fancier,"
it would take away from
how stinkin' cute the images are.

Some people wouldn't call one of the BFF's a nerd.
Some people wouldn't say "freaking."
Some people refuse to have a sense of humor
and take life way to seriously.
That's not us... at least not my daughter and me :)
Life is too short!
Have fun!
Be considerate of others.
Be compassionate.
LAUGH... at yourself and
laugh WITH others when they choose to do the same.

And so that leads me to the next
"endearing" greeting card my daughter asked me
to create for another one of her amazing friends...

hehehe... it totally cracks me up!!!
Think about it... TRASH...
which is usually quite ugly and stinky and awful...
but this absolutely adorable trash can full of trash is
fun and funny and witty and well...

That is exactly how I think of my daughter's friend
for whom she drew these images.
She is one of the most adorable gals I know.
And she is so fun and funny and
even more witty!

Perfect card for the perfect gal!

So... happy wonderful birthdays to
We love you both!!!

Thanks for dropping by today!
You can check out more of my daughter's artwork
on Instagram @a_walk_in_the_art

"Punny" blessings today,

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