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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Celebrating SENIOR NIGHT

I sort of "took charge" of Senior Night for our tennis team
(eeps... I hope no one minds that I literally took charge!).
It totally snuck up on us! I mean, seriously...
So it seemed like the right thing to do so that
our seniors (three fine young gentlemen) felt special
wrapping up their HS tennis careers. 

We gave each one of them a super cool T-shirt
for the entire team to sign with Sharpie markers and
Target gift cards for college supplies.
I texted my daughter (whom, if you are a regular reader,
know is smashing through her first year of college) and
asked, "What is the ONE thing I can pick up
for the guys to have as a gift to unwrap? That ONE thing
that you are like...'ugh, I'm SO glad I have this!'"
She texted back and said...
Then she texted again and said,
"FOOD... and a trash can."
So I had a blast filling up three little trash cans
with a few munchies and goodies :)

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