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"Anxiety weighs a heart down, but a cheerful word lifts it up." Proverbs 12:25

Friday, October 30, 2015

My story behind the little wooden cross...

Once upon a time,
I was asked to help facilitate a very special retreat called an Emmaus Walk. Each leaders was allowed to "pick a cross" from a basket. Each cross bared the name of a fellow leader and we were asked to pray for that leader throughout our days of training in preparation for the upcoming walk.

Are you ready for this...
I pulled out a cross with one of the clergy's name. I thought, "Really God?! My life is such a mess that it should probably be the other way around... clergy praying for ME!"

I love that God knows me so well that He knows I'm partly joking.

I truly believe many people forget to pray for their pastors. In some cases, I believe people don't even THINK to pray for their pastors. Pastors do a great job of being there for their congregations and most of the time, all "seems" well with their souls. We forget they are human just like us. They suffer trials just like us. And like so many of us... they might not share those trials because they are so busy praying for or being there for other people.

In 1 Timothy 5:17 it tells us...
"Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching."

DOUBLE honor... wow. That means our clergy and our pastors deserve even more of our prayer time than we spend praying for ourselves! Whoa, right? 

For the Emmaus Walk, we were instructed to use these precious little wooden crosses as a reminder to pray for the person named on the cross we chose from the basket. Then when the walk was over, we could give a small gift to that person and include the cross as a momento of our praying for them and the walk itself. 

Guess what I gave as my gift... :)

I created a 5" x 7" piece of artwork using Verve Stamps which you can see and read more about HERE. The clergy's name is on the back and Scripture rests on the front. I hope the clergy I gave it to realizes it's a piece of art... prayed over... as he (the clergy) was prayed over. I had to giggle when I showed the piece to my hubby. He said, "Well if this guy doesn't realize how cool this piece is, just wait until his wife sees it!" HA!

So... are you wondering who had the little wooden cross with MY name on it? Would you like to know just WHO was praying for me... mess of a life I lead "moi" ...ANOTHER MEMBER OF THE CLERGY TEAM! How about that?! Here I thought God should have had it the other way around and instead He decided to sandwich me in! Whew! Thank you, Lord!


jan metcalf said...

These would be the perfect sentiments for a Bible journal!

JoAnn said...

This is amazing. I love your work of art and I am sure the clergy person did also. This is an amazing story. Some of our church members have participate in the Emmaus Walk also. Thank you for sharing your story.

Marisa said...

What a wonderful story! Love how God works :) :) Fabulous idea to put the verse on the cross. I agree with your hubby, his wife will love it if he doesn't appreciate it.