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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Splitcoaststampers Holiday Blitz

(That's excited paper arts language for SQUEAL!)
Be sure to read my story all the way through.
There just might be some blog candy involved.

I was so flattered when Dina Kowal contacted me
and asked me to offer a tutorial video for my
You can check out the photographed instructions
as well as the video on Splitcoaststampers
or on my YouTube channel, Always Stampin' Videos

I will never forget the day I came up with this design.
I had NEVER seen anything like it and
was SO excited about how easily it came together!

Most folds and techniques in the realm of
paper crafting have been around for AGES and
they tend to circulate and recirculate
like fabulous clothing trends.
Sometimes these ideas and techniques
will take on little creative adjustments here & there
causing seemingly brand new offerings to appear.

I just knew I had never seen anything like it.
So I searched and researched and pounded
the cyber pavement just to be sure
there was nothing like this on the creative block
before I decided to...

(insert end scene music from the film "Psycho" HA!)


Seriously, what a horror!
I say that all in fun and games.
The video was pretty shaky and off center
and quiet with the volume BUT...
it was an offering that rocked the paper arts world!
Not because it was such a great video,
but because no one had ever seen this
(for lack of a better word)
"wonky" folded card before.
It's so fun and so easy!

So please understand, I'm not bragging here...
but it's a really cool thing when a
Splitcoaststampers guru contacts you and says,
"I did some researching and found that YOU
were the first person to come up with the
Would you be willing to offer a tutorial for
Splitcoaststampers HOLIDAY BLITZ?"

Ya, VERY COOL when that happens!

Obviously, I said yes and now the rest is history.
History that will hopefully bless you and
your creative hoildays this year!

Thanks for visiting today!
I'd love to know what you think about the
Leave me some lovin' in the comments and
tell me if you've ever made one before
or if you are now inspired
to make one for the very first time.

Would you like to have one of my
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super sweet blog candy
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so that you can then contact me
with your mailing info.
I have so many winners who
never get back in touch with me,
leaving their blog candy to rot.
(Although this kind of candy never goes bad!)
I can't wait to hear from ya!

Have a creative day!


KT Fit Kitty said...

Well that IS very exciting! Congratulations to you for inventing a new card style/fold! I just watched your video and it does look easy - even I could make it! This is now on my to-do list for a Christmas card! And I would be thrilled to win one of your twisted cards - thank you so much!

Joani McDonald said...

Kelly - your card rocks!! I first saw it on my phone and hoped that I didn't lose the page so I could go back to SCS and create it. I am going to a crafting retreat this weekend and I can say that I will be trying to duplicate your card then (wish me luck!). Thanks for the great tutorial - and congrats on the SCS achievement:)