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"Anxiety weighs a heart down, but a cheerful word lifts it up." Proverbs 12:25

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Year in Review

This post is a bit on the personal side.
Only positive and encouraging comments, please.
My heart is a nest perched carefully on a limb for you to
sit and chat and enjoy the company.
Check back tomorrow for my 2015 Stampin' Year in Review :)

Whoa! What a year!
I'm so happy for all of the wonderful memories
because let's face it... you know there were some that
weren't so wonderful, right?!
I'm mean, think about it... everyone has hard times.
One of our preachers at church
has a little "hang up" about social media
and how peoples' lives can seem so "perfect"
because we tend to only post the "pretty pictures."
I agree... and disagree with him.
I don't post the good stuff to make anyone
think anything in particular of me
and I don't post them to cause
anyone to feel anything of themselves.
I post the good stuff because...
well... to be quite honest...
I have to LIVE with the "not-so-pretty"
every... single... day.
My life is no different than anyone else's.
We all have to deal with our own "bad stuff."
HOW we choose to deal with it
is what sometimes causes us to stand out
(or not... in some cases.)
I choose to post the good stuff
Seeing the good in my life helps me to be
grateful in times when things really aren't so good.
Choosing not to post the bad stuff
is my way of acknowledging
how there is always someone somewhere
dealing with something heavier than me.
I certainly don't post the good stuff
to trip anyone up or cause anyone to think
that I might think "I've got it so good."
On the contrary,
if people (me included) took the time
to actually get to know one another,
we'd all see how very much we are all struggling.
And we'd all understand
how important it is to look to the "good stuff"
for encouragement and motivation.
The problem isn't social media...
people have been judging others for years...
decades... centuries... good grief...
Perhaps technology has intensified some things.
But when we look to the source,
we find that we are all so very similar
even though our lives are so very not.

Whoa! Where'd that come from?!

My "Year in Review" includes things such as
and so much more for which I am so very grateful.

Some amazing things couldn't be pictured
and I just can't let them not be mentioned!
I enjoy blogging as a source of journaling.
Once again, it's my way of looking back
and being grateful for blessings.
Some blessings not photographed are...
(and spoiling the techies)

But I am also grateful for the things of which
I would never show an actual photo...
-love lost
-loss of business
-misunderstanding and being misunderstood
-a lack of sense of direction

For these, I am actually grateful... not eaqually,
that's for sure... but still grateful.
I know God is growing me,
calling me, stretching me.
And I look forward to 2016 to be a better me
for my Father, for me, for my family,
and for anyone who might allow me
into their hearts and minds.
I'm kind of hoping the Lord will let the
not-so-great be a bit less this coming new year
(we all know there will be at least SOME)
but I am more than grateful to know
I am not alone and there is nothing I could
ever experience that He hasn't experienced as well.
I thank Jesus for His selflessness.

Do you know Him?
Do you know there is nothing you haven't experienced
or will ever experience which He hasn't already done so?
Do you need to chat about it?
Call 1-800-NEEDHIM

or feel free to email me.
I'm serious. I am not just stamping 2 serve U.
I'm here for you.
Happy New Year!


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