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Monday, August 8, 2016

Card Ministry... will you pray with me?

Coming to ya today with
one of my fave parts of the entire week
,,,my #handmadecardsforChrist!

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Once upon a time,
I felt nudged to begin
a card ministry at my church.
Our preacher turned down the idea
BUT GOD continued to call me to it.

So for now, I make cards each weekend
to drop into our offertory as the
plate/basket passes by our family.
Sometimes I designate these cards to a
specific ministry in our church
and sometimes I designate them
directly to our preacher.
If God wants it to happen,
it will certainly happen.

The idea behind the Card Ministry
is to have anyone and everyone interested
attend a once a month card making gathering
where we would make rather simple cards
to give to each ministry within the church
to then use at their discretion.
One month we might make cards
for the worship team
so we might use musical images
with these particular cards.
Another month we might focus on
making cards for the men's ministry
which would call for tool images
or car/truck images.
And so you get the idea of
designating each month to a different
area of our church for which
we would pray over and donate
handmade heartfelt greeting cards
(a treasure to many people in our world
who are in need of encouragement.)

God calls each of us to
"go and make disciples"
(Mathew 28:19-20)
but not everyone is called to
literally GO anywhere
but right where they are.
Some people's health might cause them
to "go" right where they are.
Age is another factor which
God uses to have us
minister right where we are.
Mums and dads of tiny ones can
"go" right in their own communities.

A Card Ministry is a fun way
to gather together in fellowship and
to pray over each of our church's ministries
as they "go" and
encourage others to do the same.

So until God changes our preacher's
heart and mind,
I will stamp alone
(even though I am not alone)
(Hebrew 13:5).
And since I am the lone stamper
with these cards, I make it my goal
to create beautiful cards in a timely fashion
so that I can make at least five-ten cards
each week to pop into the offertory.

CAS (Clean And Simple) Cards
are the way to go when
time is an issue.
I make my #handmadecardsforChrist
on Sunday morning BEFORE church.
I find this is the perfect time
to pray for my preacher
while I am making my cards.

Will you join me in prayer and pray
for a Card Ministry to begin at my church?
I attend Southeast Christian Church,
Indiana Campus.
The campus preacher's name is Eddie.
Pray that his heart is softened
to the concept of a Card Ministry
and that he is blessed with understanding
of all the details God has for it.
Please forbid the enemy from
causing Eddie to think I am doing this
for any other reason but to serve our King.

Thanks so much!
And what about you?
Do you happen to have a prayer request?
It would be my greatest honor
to lift you to the One Who carries us all.
Please feel free to email me with your
prayer or praise requests...

Thanks for visiting today!
I have it's filled with tons of creativity!!!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As I read your post I almost cried... The very same thing happened to me two years ago but I let the enemy discourage me from pursuing or doing something about it. I have just been talking about how I felt called to do it and the pastor said no. Your post is an encouragement to me to persist and to pray. I will pray for your situation and that your mission field be greatly expanded with cardsforchrist. God Bless, Z.