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Thursday, February 1, 2018

His Tribe Bible Journaling Retreat

What am I up to today?
Oh... just packing for a fun retreat focused on

I have become a serious (well, not SO serious)

My biggest dilemma is deciding which
of my current journals
should I take with me on the retreat?!
At this point, I'm still contemplating
ALL of them! HA!

Journaling enthusiastic will understand
there are so many therapeutic ways
to utilize a pretty little journal these days.
This ain't your momma's diary, no m'am!

I try to incorporate the following
into every journal I own...

Bible Journaling

Prayer Journaling

Thought Journaling

Memory Journaling

Gratitude Journaling

and Planning

Obviously I don't do ALL of these on a daily basis.
But I do work in one journal or another
every single day.
It's my therapy, for sure.

Did you know I make many of my journals
with my own to stampin' hands?
And did you know you can purchase
these handmade journals
from my Easy Shop,

Jump over there now and take a peek!

My journaling system works like a
"traverler's notebook"
where journals or notebooks
can be switched in and out of the
journal holder or shell
while the holder itself
remains in tact forever and ever
to use over and over again.
Once you fill up a notebook or journal,
just remove it and treasure it
while adding a fresh new journal to the book.

I call my journaling systems

My Notebook Nooks are made of
durable plastic and can be considered
water resistant although definitely
I love taking my Nook to the beach so there's that.

Do you have ave a special interest
and want a special Notebook Nook
made with that special interest in mind?
Just tell me what you like and
I will find all the right papers and colors
to make your own special custom
Notebook Nook

Thanks for visiting today!
And thanks for jumping over to my
to check out my
Notebook Nooks!

I hope you have a creative day!

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